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Sweatpants and trousers

Sweatpants have not been a piece only to wear at home, for sport or to gym for a long time.    ago a piece we wear only for home, for sport or fitness. Today, on the contrary, it is in to wear tracksuits on a regular day. Thanks to a trendy and relaxed atmosphere in fashion, they are gradually getting onto the catwalk of the biggest fashion designers. It is important, however, to pick the right sweatpants and combine them correctly. We understand that each design does not fit every body shape, so we try to bring new designs in each collection. From trendy wide and ankle-length trousers, to current bell trousers, slim-fit or wide, with the length over the ankle, high waist trousers, but also a low crotch and a waistband.

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- Sweatpants and trousers

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