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Materials and care

Each of our collections is specific also thanks to the materials used. We are constantly trying to search for new materials that would meet our criteria, which are subsequently used to make prototypes of the products. If the material is proven, the product is included in the collection. When selecting suitable textiles, we have to pay particular attention to its composition and quality of its processing. In addition to quality, each fabric has to be comfortable to wear and smooth when in touch with skin.

Cotton is one of the materials we most often work with. For products, such as bathrobes, sweatpants and sweatshirts, we prefer polyester added material that ensures longer life and quality. The material preferred for the selection of textiles is also viscose, which is specific to its lightness and falling character. We use it mainly for T-shirts production. Leggings and underwear are made of cotton with an admixture of elastane that delivers product elasticity.

If you want your clothes last longer, we offer you the following hints:

- when you wash your clothes for the first time, wash them in hands
- wash and dry clothes turned inside out
- do not clean or remove stains manually only from the part where they are located, always evenly