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We always think a bit beyond the borders and we want to bring you something that you do not usually find in stores. Something you need but you also want. One of such pieces is undoubtedly our lined leggings. Last year they were successful, so we could not miss them out this season. After all, soft and warm leggings will literally rescue you in the winter!

This time we introduce you to the leggings in an interesting geometric Aztec pattern. And, although it may seem this kind of leggings is ideal to wear at home, it is not entirely so. We have prepared 4 outfits for you; they can inspire you to wear these leggings to the countryside or to the city!


blog podšité legíny outfit

Imagine the situation: You are at home on the couch (coincidentally in lined dark blue leggings) and a friend of yours wants to take you out for coffee. Outside there is weather like in a disaster film, but if you stay at home, you will take out the roots into that couch. So, let your leggings go, put a long sweater over them, and even our long vest just to make sure you will not be cold. Then put on your sneakers (but only if you go by car) and drop your purse into a stylish rucksack. Do not forget your scarf! So, have a nice coffee time and then come back home and place yourself to the original position.

And now move to the countryside. Weekend, peace and pleasure. It asks for a walk. If the sweatpants are not your cup of tea and the leggings are not warm enough, then our lined leggings are perfect. A simple T-shirt and a hooded cardigan under the bottom will do. Do not forget the stout shoes in which you will not be cold and you can walk a mile or two!


podšité legíny patternz outfit blog

We need to go to school or work in winter as well, and even though it is hard to get up in the morning, we cannot avoid it. You will (perhaps) cheer up in the warm leggings in which you will feel all day like in your pyjamas. Take an oversized shirt (most importantly a long one that will cover your bottom because you know that leggings are not trousers) and put on a sweater over it. Simple but effectively girlish, and works even without pink colour.

podšité legíny patternz blog outfit

Where do we all want be in winter? In the mountains! You are definitely up to at least one trip, and don’t be afraid, you are not the only one with the issue what to wear. To look snowy stylish, feminine and also warm and comfortable, it is not just like that, we know. So try it this way: wear a grey sweatshirt with our lined leggings (is there anything more universal?). Under the sweatshirt, of course, you have to wear a sleeveless top and a long sleeved T-shirt. This combination perfectly matches with our Honey Comb jacket, but it is essential to have your jacket warm and long enough to cover your bottom. Do not miss out your accessories that are an important element of every winter look. Sleeves, a cap and a scarf! Plus warm and waterproof boots. This way, you can handle a snowball fight, too! :)