lull loungewear



Let us be honest that only models have the models´ figures. There is nothing wrong with this variety, actually we love it, but it has always been most women’s dream to make their figure (at least) optically look taller. Otherwise, they would not start wearing high heels, would they? :) You do not have to be a magician to create an optical illusion of a taller figure. Just a few good tricks, and the illusion is done. Moreover, we at LULL have some pieces to help you achieve that.

To begin with, let us list a few general tricks that will make your figure look taller:

• outfits tone in tone,
• outfits must be well-balanced, if you have a tight bottom, you can choose a looser top and vice versa, but avoid a combination of wide trousers or skirt with an oversized top, or you will get lost in your outfit,
• simple, flowing designs,
• tight skirts (with high waistbands) or midi-length dresses - ideally with high heeled shoes or platform sneakers,
• tight trousers / jeans without rolling up, slim-fit design is ideal.

Why do we not move straight to the specific pieces? LULL has got a few of them. :)

Wide trousers definitely do not suit only tall ladies. The other way around, try them even if you are not tall, they make your figure look taller due to higher belt and length to the ground! You will get even better result if you complete them with a tight T-shirt in the same tone. And what about matching shoes? If you want to avoid high heels, then definitely wear a pair of platform sneakers.


A long vest of straight design is our favourite piece. One of the reasons is that it also makes your figure look taller even if you do not wear 10-cm high heels on your feet (but, of course, you can). It's just an example of a simple, flowing design we mentioned above, and if needed you can gently highlight your waist with a belt-string. Match it, for example, with tight stretch indigo leggings! If you choose a dark blue vest, your outfit will be a tone in tone as well. :)



And the last piece to show you today is our comfortable and, what is more, practical dress (a dress is generally practical because you put on the top and the bottom at the same time. We know it is not breaking news!) Dresses are very feminine looking because they gently copy the shape of your body. Their length extends to a half of your calves and the stripy material (vertical, of course) will make your figure look taller even if you do not want it.

P.S.: The model is 154 cm tall! :)